JAMIL KACEM Professional Coach.

Coach Football License (A) is the first professor of sports

Full name: Jamil Kacem
Nationality: Tunisian
Email : jamilkacem@hotmail.fr
Phone: (+216) 98488322                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Jamil Kacem is a Tunisian National born in Sfax with origins from the island of Kerkennah.
Captain Jamil is a Professional Football Coach by education and proven experience. Being an Athletic from early age, he chose to pursue his higher education in Sports. He attended the Higher Institute of Sports and Physical Education at Ksar Al-Said, Tunisia.
He Graduated as a Physical Education and Sports Teacher specializing in Football Coaching. He obtained the CAF Diploma for football coaching.
Coaching Experience in Tunisia
Captain Jamil made his beginnings in the world of coaching while working as a high school teacher. He coached a number of local football clubs in Tunisia.  To site some:

- Sakiet Sidi Youssef, Le Kef

- Club Addahmani, Le kef - Completed a whole season with no defeat

- Najm Gaafur, Le Kef, - Completed the season as league champion and advanced to the second league. 

- Olympique El-Kef – National Professional League.

In the 1993/94 season, Captain Jamil moved to Sfax and coached his hometown team “Le Club Oceanique de Kerkennah”. His achievements with the team opened the doors for a successful coaching career in Saudi Arabia starting the Year 2000.
The First Saudi Experience 2000 - 2004.
2000 – 2001     Al Masif Club, Abha, Saudi Arabia. Positive first experience as a coach in Saudi Arabia. 
2001 – 2004     Club Damac. Captain Jamil coached the club for three year yielding to its accession to the second league. 
The Return to Tunisia 2004 – 2007
2004 – 2006     Club Oceanique de Kerkennah.  Two seasons with OCK and won twice the League’s Cup title.
2006 – 2008     Le Club Sfax Railways Sports. SRS is one of the oldest football clubs in Tunisia. It was founded in 1920 and has a rich history of achievements. Captain Jamil coached the club for two seasons with great performance.

The Saudi Journey 2008 – Present 
2008 – 2009    Ohod, Al Medina
2009 – 2010    AL Ansar - First Premier League experience – Excellent season performance that led to the renewal of 
2010 – 2011    Al Ansar – Accession to the Zain Professional League 
2011 – 2012    Riyadh Club 
2012 – 2013     Al Orobah – Accession to Jameel Professional League (Saudi Premier League). A first in the club history. The same season, Al Orobah finished on the top of the First Division and crowned the Season’s Champion.
2013 – 2014    Al Orobah – First season as a coach in the Saudi Premier League, Captain Jamil performed exceptionally well, and Al Orobah finished the season ranked 8th. The 2013/2014 season is the best in the club history.
2014 – 2015     Al-Qadisiyah F.C – Captain Jamil successful experience is a true success story. It summarizes the combative and winning spirit of the coach. It was a challenging situation when the club of the First division approached Captain Jamil after the tenth game in the season. The Club was then ranked 9th.  Captain Jamil led the club to be crowned as the season’s champion with 13 wins in 15 games. Al-Qadisiyah accessed to Saudi Premier League.
2015 – 2016     Al-Qadisiyah F.C. – Captain Jamil coached Al-Qadisiyah at the beginning of the season achieving results that exceeded the expectations of the club and supporters. 
2015 – 2016     Al-Ittifaq – Captain Jamil was approached by the club who was looking to return to the spot lights. Again, the challenge is accepted. The accession of Al-Ittifaq to the Saudi Premier League (Jamil Professional League) was achieved. That same season, the club was crowned the First Division Champion. 
2016 – 2017     AL-Ittifaq – Captain Jamil coached the club during its first season in the Premier League. Excellent season with historical victories against AL-Nasr in Dammam and Al-Hilal in Riyadh.

2017 – 2018     AL Wehda – Captain Jamil made it again. And the club won the First League Championship and climbed to the Saudi Premier League.
Currently, Captain Jamil is living a new coaching experience with Al-Tai F.C. in the Saudi First League 
Jamil Kacem is the only coach who achieved the accession of 5 clubs form the First Division towards the Premier League

The best Performances:

  • - Coach of Damak F.C 2003/2004 : Accession for the second division.
  • - 2 Cup of the Tunisian League with the Club ‘’ Oceano Club de Kerkennah’’ during 2004/2005 season and 2005/2006 season.
  • - Coach of the Al-Ansar FC club 2010/2011: Accession for the Zain professional league ( Saudi Premier league).
  • Coach of Al-Orobah F.C 2012/2013 : Accession for the Jamil Professional league (SAUDI Premier League) For the first time in history of the club + First Division Champion 
  •  Coach of Al-Orobah F.C 2013/2014 : Keeping the club in the Premier league with 8th place.
  •  Coach of Al-Qadisiyah F.C 2014/2015 : Accession for the Jamil Professional league (SAUDI Premier League) + First Division Champion 
  • Coach of Al-Ettifaq F.C : Accession for the Jamil Professional league (SAUDI Premier League) + First Division Champion
  • Coach of Al-Wehda F.C 2017/2018 : Accession for the Saudi Premier League + Champion of Mohamed ben Salmen league